Water and Energy Solutions

Treated water pumping station to serve the industrial city

Provision of a treated water pumping station to serve the industrial city in Sudir on an area of ​​6,262.96 In order to establish an integrated industrial environment and keep up with all the requirements of industrial activities.

Design and implementation of strategic water tanks for the NEOM project

The company obtained two contracts to design and implement strategic water tanks with modern technologies commensurate with the objectives of the NEOM project, where electricity will be provided through the installation of a solar energy system and parking lots with charging ports for electric cars. A lake will also be constructed to collect and store excess water from the reservoirs and reuse them in the best way.

Ashyab reservoirs station, Wadi Qadeed Center

Supplying and implementing a drinking water treatment plant located in the city of Makkah in Wadi Qadeed, with 4 buildings, with a total capacity of 11,500 tanks.

Construction of a reservoir in Al-Kharj area

Constructing a reservoir with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters to store water and supply it to the water station. And extending pipes with a diameter of 800 mm to drain excess water from the reservoir to the lakes area.

Water purification plant for Al-Mulaida and Al-Shaqqa

Producing potable water from Al-Khader wells in Buraidah city – to serve the residents of Al-Mulaida and Al-Shaqqa – with a total capacity of not less than 25 thousand cubic meters per day. The project units are operated and controlled remotely by means of the SCADA system and the link between the station and other stations operating under the Operation and Maintenance Department of the National Water Company.